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President Nana Akufo Addo
"What we have is the power of Advocacy”
John Mahama tells Ghanaian's Abroad
"Urge EC to implement ROPAL"

Our Mission

To promote an engaged relationship between Ghanaian's Living Abroad and their motherland.

Our Vision

PAM is the nonpolitical and nonethnic organization that advocates for change in Ghana to benefit most of its citizens living abroad and at home through education, communication, litigation, and donations.

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The Progressive Alliance Movement

PAM is currently focused on ensuring that Ghana’s Electoral Commission implements the law that operationalizes Article 42 of the country’s 1992 constitution. It states that Ghanaians aged 18 years or older, have the right to register and to vote in Ghana’s elections. After four presidential election cycles where GLAs were systematically and deliberately excluded from voting per the constitution (1992, 1996, 2000,2004), a group of GLAs calling itself the Diaspora Vote Committee and led by Dr. Kofi Boateng stormed Ghana in 2005 to advocate for the passage of a law to effect overseas voting.

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"Yԑn Ara Assase Ni (This is our land)" - Progressive Alliance Movement Inc. (PAM)