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Frequently Asked Questions – PAM (Progressive Alliance Movement)

Is PAM affiliated with or sponsored by any political party?

Absolutely not! PAM advocates for all Ghanaians regardless of political affiliation, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, or any other self-identified status.

What is the relationship between PAM and ROPAA?

PAM is an organization of concerned Ghanaians Living Abroad (GLAs) who are promoting an engaged relationship with their motherland. ROPAA (Representation of the Peoples Amendment Act) is the law that was passed in February of 2006 to enable GLAs to vote in a general election in their respective countries of residence. PAM engages in several activities to promote the fundamental mission of enhancing the engagement of Ghanaians with their motherland. The implementation of ROPAA is ground zero of this engagement hence its primary adoption by PAM.

Can you benefit from ROPAA if you’re not a supporter of PAM?

Absolutely! ROPAA is for all Ghanaians Living Abroad. All political parties in Ghana and their supporters living abroad will benefit by having a large constituency opened up to them to win over for their goals.

Who owns PAM?

PAM is a New York State non-profit corporation. It has a 501(c)3 tax exempt status. It is properly registered with the New York State Charities Bureau. It is a public charity whose net assets do not go to inure to any individual but serve the good of the public- Ghanaians Living Abroad for now.

Is PAM in Ghana?

PAM supporters are in countries all over the world. It is a virtual organization. For the moment its domicile is in New York State. It is not inconceivable that branches may be established elsewhere, including Ghana, as the movement gains momentum. If you believe in our work, contact us to find out how we can help you establish a PAM core group in your neighborhood.

What are some of the ways that I can support PAM?

No amount of resistance can hold back an idea whose time has come. But an idea without the passion of concerned people is also dead on arrival. For that reason we ask that you get all your friends and family members involved in our push to make the implementation of ROPAA a reality (Invite a Friend). Donate handsomely. The process of bringing a legal team to Ghana to fight for our rights is very costly.

What are some of the planned activities of PAM?

PAM has the dual goals of improving the quality of life for Ghanaians living in both Ghana and abroad. It is a global village after all. As such PAM’s activities fall into the categories of: Raise funds for mounting a case for the implementation of ROPAA in Ghana’s supreme court. Identify, publish and pursue policy options to improve Ghana’s socio-economic standing locally and internationally. Raise the consciousness of Ghanaians Living Abroad (GLAs) about transformational leadership, sustained development, self- discipline, and personal responsibility. Address the immediate needs of GLAs in the areas of youth development, adult services, housing, immigration, culture, and harmonious co-existence.